Too busy, not creative, unsure of all of the options and products available for your purpose and premises? Call our creative Corporate Christmas designers and have a package put together, customised for your business.

This is Blanche

Blanche is animated, her head moves from side to side  and  she is accompanied by a power source in a rock form that   also plays music, via usb or Bluetooth
Approx- 1.5 metre High
Rent, buy or let us manage your Christmas requirements, all in one easy package.
We can even decorate, pack up and store your Christmas package, returning it or an equivalent next festive season.
Package your decorations, tree, gifts, party and festivities and Corporate Christmas will ensure your Christmas season is perfect.

Our Gorgeous Snowman.

He stands 91.44cm tall, and features a lamppost and snowman with a tree and gift box. Inside the gift box there is a revolving train, and there are lights and music.RRP-$890.00

Musical Clock

Lights and is also Musical.   Like the Traditional Snow globes, the Bubble Glitter clock, has the snow swirling around but has the added extra of lights flowing through it.  Looks fantastic at night. Great Kris Kringle for kids as a bedside Lamp.   Runs on Batteries. Bubble Glitter Clock  RRP-  $50.00

So rent or buy. We deliver and pack down as well if you need us to.