Christmas Garlands

Office and Business Christmas Decorations

Want to set the “Christmas Spirit” bench mark for your company? Does your business NEED to stand out this Christmas to maximise on retail sales?  Whether you are a retail shop front, office, hotel, motel, car dealership, restaurant, cafe, shopping centre, catering business, events management company or even a TV Station our Corporate Christmas Staff can assist you in all sorts of Xmas Decorations and Ideas.

Christmas BaublesWe have a range of Commercial Decorations including: Garlands, Baubles, Wreaths, Tinsel, Glass Window Decals, Ornaments, Swags & Kissing Balls that will transform your business into something spectacular!

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Christmas garlands are traditionally made from a base of greenery decorated with baubles, flowers, leaves and/or lights, and come in different lengths. These can be hung as a decoration on staircases, mantlepieces, the top of curtains or on the outside facia of your building.

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Christmas baubles can be used almost anywhere – these bright and colourful decorations come in various shapes and sizes. Put some in a glass bowl on your Christmas dinner table, tie them to tinsel and hang from the ceiling, decorate your tree or garlands, use them in almost any creative situation.  We also personalise them for your staff or customers.’

Christmas Wreaths

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A Christmas wreath is a circular band traditionally made from greenery and decorated in your chosen colour of baubles, tinsel and/or floral trim.  This is hung on the outside of your front door, to welcome visitors.  A wreath is a strong symbol of Christmas, so a business can hang these throughout their store or office purely as a Christmas decoration.

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Christmas tinsel is made out of fine strips of glittering metallic like material, and comes in differing ply’s and lengths and colours.  It can be hung from the ceiling vertically or horizontally, is very soft and drapes easily, making it very cost effective to change a normal room into something quite beautiful.
Christmas Tinsel